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Impamark – The Power of Brand Marketing Conference

The Power of Brand

Fantastic Opportunity To Hear Some Of The Top Names In The Business Talk About The Power Of Branding

This event includes:

  • 4 Industry speakers
  • 30 of the best suppliers
  • Free entry for clients
  • Free parking
  • Free refreshments
  • Free ‘Goody’ bag
  • Free Prize Draw
  • Impamark Business Awards

If you can't see the image please enable 'Remote images' in your email client or see this mail on our blog here:
If you can't see the image please enable 'Remote images' in your email client or see this mail on our blog here:

Having previously held four successful client shows, Impamark have planned a new merchandise and marketing conference ‘The Power of Brand’ on Wednesday 25th April at Crown Plaza Resort – Five Lakes, Colchester Road, Tolleshunt Knight, Maldon CM9 8HX from 09.30 a.m. – 4.00 p.m.

Please see the invitation for further details and how to reserve your space. All we ask is that you book in advance for catering purpose

If you have any further questions then please don’t hesitate to phone us on 01621 783550 or email

Can you afford not to be there?

Kind regards


Nicky Crisp, Managing Director

Against Pollution

Essex Wildlife Trust logo

As a company, Impamark is making changes in order to help the environment. Non-recyclable materials build up in landfill and pollute. The Earth, our home, is precious and should be cared for.

Impamark are proud to be corporate members of the Essex Wildlife Trust. In supporting their efforts, we hope that we can help protect flora and fauna for the future. Conservation is vitally important in maintaining the biodiversity of our planet.

Recently there has been a particular focus on plastic pollution. Plastic rubbish is responsible for the deaths of many kinds of marine life. Sadly some animals choke or starve due to ingesting plastic while others suffer due to the accumulation of small amounts of toxic chemicals. This pollution also affects terrestrial animals including humans due to contamination in drinking water. Small amounts of plastic can have effects similar to natural hormones in the body.

In order to promote awareness of this issue Impamark are launching the Happy Turtle brand. This logo reflects our move to a more environmentally friendly stance. Impamark is strengthening it’s own internal systems to reduce waste and will be actively focusing on more environmentally friendly products to assist you in promoting your own stand against pollution in the environment.

Impamark - Happy Turtle - Our Solution is less Pollution
Among our products we have the Green and Good Range. These products are environmentally-friendly with products made from recycled, organic and biodegradable materials. We want to promote the use of products manufactured in a sustainable manner and products which can be reused or recycled rather than simply being thrown away. Take a look at some of our environmentally-friendly products here or on our Green and Good site

Join us in helping to protect our planet for future generations