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Why Promotional Merchandise?

Want to know the relevance of Promotional Merchandise?
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Advantages of using Promotional Merchandise

There are many reasons why promotional merchandise is used. Here are the top five reported advantages of using promotional products!

Reasons why Promotional Products work

Promotional products work for several different reasons. The top five reported reasons are that they are useful, informative, desirable, attractive and fun!

How long are Promotional Products kept?

Once given promotional merchandise, it's highly likely that it will not be thrown away. Here are the average results of how long promotional products are kept!

The perception of Promotional Merchandise

When asked, most individuals reported promotional merchandise as being the highest contributing form of media in terms of 'taking a call to action!'

Why do people keep Promotional Merchandise?

Interested in knowing why recipients keep your promotional merchandise? We've collated the top 10 reasons why individuals own a range of promotional products!

Feeling appreciated with Promotional Merchandise

Many individuals report feeling appreciated once exposed to different advertising mediums. However, promotional merchandise comes out on top with a 64% appreciation rate!