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Our Sustainability Ethos

In 2023 our industry body the British Promotional Merchandise Association (BPMA) launched the Stepforward pledge for its members, and in November 2023 Impamark was one of the first group of UK distributors to undertake the pledge.

The StepForward Pledge is a BPMA-led initiative helping members take proactive steps to improve their sustainability performance, accelerating the pace of change towards a more sustainable future for our industry.

We have joined a network of forward-thinking businesses helping the industry transition to a low carbon future. We want to help raise the profile and relevance of the promotional merchandise industry; addressing climate change and environmental challenges.

We are committed to embedding sustainability within our product ranges, operations and in the communities in which we operate.



Impamark is committed to reducing it's impact on the environment.

We aim to achieve this by implementing the following;

- Improving our sustainable procurement process, reduction of unnecessary waste, saving water and energy, redistribution and repurposing of equipment and products

- By encouraging staff choices with regards to travelling to work by car sharing or using public transport for business or personal use

- Aiming to minimise single occupancy car journeys' made by staff - by working together to combine purchasing errands and appointments during office hours

- Promoting a healthy and safe environment for our staff's wellbeing encouraging screen breaks, mindfulness, exercise and healthy eating to support mental health thus creating a positive sustainable workplace

- Creating a progressive sustainable dialogue with our supplier base to encourage transparency and clarity regarding materials and manufacture of our products

- Encouraging our customers via all conversations and social media platforms to make more sustainable choices, e.g. recycled, recyclable and biodegradable merchandise options

- Endeavouring to minimise greenwashing by ensuring all communication with our clients are open and transparent, and staff are progressive with regular product training, offering compliance certification when required

- Ensuring that the local community are aware of Impamark's ethos in minimising their impact of the environment

- Working alongside our local community to encourage health and wellbeing to support their sustainability efforts.  We sponsor local and national charities which invest in education, support people and protect the environment.

We will implement this via monthly individual reflection and action sessions by staff and directors