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Meet the Team

Say Hello to the Impamark Initiators!

Here, you can learn a little bit more about the friendly faces of Impamark.

Comprising Sales, Administration, Marketing and IT, we are a close-knit team who love what we do!

Nicky is the Managing Director of Impamark and is based in our Spanish office.

After joining Impamark in the late 1980s she took over the running of the family business when her parents retired in 2006. With her many years of experience in the promotional merchandise industry, she is always on hand to offer expert advice to both customers and the rest of the Impamark team. Her passion for the industry is obvious, and she is always keen to nurture young people - evidenced by the apprenticeship schemes the company has initiated.

Nicky’s favourite promo item is anything Bamboo! Bamboo has fast growing properties and due to its longevity, can be regenerated to create products that do not place a strain on the environment.

Outside of work, Nicky enjoys being in the water. From swimming and aqua gym to snorkelling, she’ll never be far from the sea or her pool! In 2018 Impamark joined the campaign to save our environment from plastic, a cause very close to her heart. She also enjoys travelling and exploring new places, not to forget a spot of wine tasting along the way!

John is married to Nicky and is also based in our Spanish office. He is Impamark's IT and Technical Support Manager and has been working for Impamark since 2004.  With a varied background, working originally in sales and then subsequently in administration, artwork and IT, John has an excellent overview of Impamark's operations.

John's time is now spent on systems and software for the company, networking the UK and Spanish offices, overseeing our three websites and managing the company's legal obligations.  John's favourite promotional product is any type of Mug as he is the biggest coffee lover you'll find! As well as drink ware, he is an avid Tech fan and loves any gadget he can get his hands on.

In his spare time John has spent many years supporting and contributing to FOSS, and is closely involved in the building of Koozali SME server along with several other open source projects. He loves taking everything apart to see how it works, and sometimes he even puts it back together!

Denise is one of our knowledgeable and enthusiastic Sales Account Executives. She is the final member of the team to be based in the Spanish office and has been working for the company for 6 years. Primarily, she is in charge of Regimental and Education sector clients but also loves researching to find new products for campaigns.  

When the company started selling PPE during the first lockdown in 2020, Impamark were very glad to have Denise on board as her background as a health care professional was invaluable, particularly when it came to issues surrounding compliance and certification.

Her favourite promotional item is a Thermal Cup. Running late to work and no time to finish your morning cuppa? Take it for the journey! Heading out on a Sunday afternoon walk? Fill it with some water and you're good to go!

In her spare time, Denise loves taking local trips and exploring new places. Denise also has a dog so you're likely to spot her in the countryside enjoying a long walk. As well as this, gardening has been something that she has spent a lot of her spare time doing.

 Ian is based in our UK Office and has been working with Impamark for 6 years. When he is not at his desk, he is out on the road seeing new and existing clients. He also represents the company at local networking events and national exhibitions.

Ian passed his TPM (Trained in Promotional Merchandise) industry qualification in 2019 and has lots of expertise to help guide businesses and charities when buying branded merchandise.

His favourite promotional items are Gadgets and Tech products. From Wireless Powerbanks to LED Charging Cables, there is always something new and innovative that Ian wants to find.

Outside of work, Ian enjoys spending time with his family and going on holidays. With a 8 year old daughter, and a partner who owns a horse, as you can imagine he is always kept on his toes!

 Toni is also based in our UK office and joined Impamark in October 2023.  Toni brings 15+ years experience in customer service to the team and is keen to continue and build of already established relationships and promote Impamark's growth.  Toni is currently studying for her TPM (Trained in Promotional Merchandise) Qualification.

With a passion for sustainability, Toni's favourite promotional is the Everlasting Pencil; at Impamark, we are dedicated to providing innovative solutions that align with our commitment to the environment.

When she is not working, Toni enjoys spending time with her family, the occasional bake and daily 'Wordle' challenges.


Flora joined us in September 2022 and in January 2024, Flora completed her level 3 apprenticeship in Business Administration and was awarded Distinctions across the board!  In the last 18 months, Flora has also completed her TPM (Trained in Promotional Merchandise) Qualification - congratulations all round!

  Flora's role consists of supporting the sales team in both the UK and Spain with order processing, office management including invoicing and managing our social media accounts.

Flora's favourite promotional items are pens. With so many different shapes, sizes, colours and even materials out there, there's something for everyone!

Outside of work, Flora enjoys going on long walks through the countryside as well as going on day trips to explore new places. It's also worth knowing that she's a huge cat lover - shout out to Ducati!

  Sarah is the newest member of the Impamark family!  With a wealth of administrative knowledge and expertise, we are excited to have Sarah on board and look forward to witnessing her contributions and growth within the team.

Sarah's favourite promotional product is The Ashford recycled drinks bottle which is personalised with Sarah's name.

When Sarah isn't at work, she enjoys long walks with her dog Ethel and mini breaks with her family.